Lifetime's 'Whitney' Biopic Actually Looks...Decent

Friday, December 5, 2014

In the wake of the mangled mess that Lifetime made of Aaliyah's biopic, there has been unease over how the network was going to bring Whitney Houston's legacy to life. Earlier this week, the network leaked out exclusive shots of the film, and just yesterday the trailer premiered over at Buzzfeed, and wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, it looks quite promising!

From first look, director and dame extraordinaire, Angela Bassett seems to have a hold on making this pic visually appealing right down to getting the wedding attire of Houston (played by YaYa DaCosta) and Bobby Brown (played by Arlen Escarpeta) on-point, and really capturing Houston in all of her facets, good and bad. Bassett has also been pretty straightforward about her vision for the film, citing that she wanted to seriously focus on the turbulent relationship between Houston and Brown, as well as the struggles Houston had with addiction, and there is plenty of skewed wigs and white lines to clarify that (though DaCosta needs a sweatier upper lip while performing --- just saying).

Unlike the crap trap Aaliyah movie (and its hilarious memes), Whitney will feature some of Houston's music, but sadly, the original tracks won't be played (Cissy Houston had her mad face on 'bout that) as Deborah Cox will fill in and perform the limited set-list, featuring songs, "I Will Always Love You", "The Greatest Love Of All", "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and "I'm Every Woman". While I truly believe, Whitney Houston's life story deserves a splashy big-screen treatment like what we saw with the lives of Ray Charles and James Brown, at least Whitney looks entertaining, and will no doubt be a hell of a lot of fun to live-tweet when it premieres. So consider me cautiously optimistic and crossing my fingers and toes for this one....I mean, it can be as bad as that Aaliyah travesty, right? *shudders*

Whitney will premiere on Lifetime, Saturday January 17th. Check local listings for proper times and view the extended trailer after the cut.

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