Hey y'all and welcome!

Who is Audio Diva?
Audio Diva was created and is written by Jennifer Floyd. I'm a 20-something writer and blogger who resides in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Social Sciences from the University of North Texas. I'm also a contributing writer at the great SoulBounce and I will be the 156th Jennifer you'll meet in your life.

What is Audio Diva?
Audio Diva is a blog that features muses, news, reviews, and ramblings on the music scene today and of yesteryear written in a vibrant, friendly, and sometimes humorous voice.

How did you begin this blog?
The blog started out in October 2008 as Adventures Of An Audio Diva (now Audio Diva, for short). It was created as a means to deposit thoughts about some of my favorite musicians after I found out I was annoying my family and friends with all my music nerd antidotes. Little did I know the blog would be the main launching pad for my writing career as well as keep me afloat in the insanity that is unemployment and the economic recession. Currently, the mission of Audio Diva remains the same as it was the day it was derived --- it's a space to write about the what's happening and what happened in my favorite music genres.

What music genres do you cover?
It depends. I'm mostly a soul, R&B, and pop music fan, but I do also dig hip-hop, rock, jazz, and really everything in between. I like to surprise myself, and surprise my readers, as you'll never know what will pop up on here!

How much do you post?
The site strives to have posts almost daily, sans weekends. Life, social media procrastination, and other writing projects do get in the way so don't be alarmed if a week isn't fulfilled. Also note that music releases are sporadic at best --- some weeks are slow, others everybody and their mama is releasing something. Even though I do plan on certain posts (reviews, throwbacks, etc.) others are spontaneous. Still a minimum of 2 to 3 posts a week is the ideal you should expect from this blog. So if you bookmark, scribble a note on your calendar, add me to your Feedly, and/or follow me through social media, you'll always be informed of a new post from me.

Okay, there are tons of music blogs out there, what makes yours so super duper special?
I strive to make Audio Diva be a fun break from the usual "stuffy" music blog experience. Think of this blog as if you were sitting around with your friends and just discussing music. It's very candid and relaxed. There is nothing but love here, unless snarkily stated otherwise. And for the guys out there, if blog title didn't tip you off there is a slight emphasis to women on this blog as I am a woman and believe that women music artists from past to present do not receive much coverage or aren't properly covered at all in the music journalism/blogging world, so excuse my feminist rants from time to time.

Yeah, but what is an Audio Diva, exactly?
I wish I had a cool story over how I got the name for this blog (and no I wasn't drunk or high) one day it just popped into my head, and it stuck and sounded better and less lame than the generic 'Jen's Jams'.

I'm a musician/promoter/all around musical bad ass, can you talk about my music on your blog?
Let me be honest. You wouldn't believe all the e-mails I get on a daily basis, and it is difficult to keep up and blog about each artist and trend that comes my way. I wish I could post everybody I come across, but I can't. I will say if you stand out and don't spam my e-mail or Twitter feeds, there is a larger chance of me getting around to talking about you or your client. For more information on getting in touch with me or conducting artist's interviews see my contact page.

I'm a writer/blogger, and I love what you do on your blog and want to be apart of the Audio Diva experience, is there a way that I can submit a guest post?
If you would like to submit a guest post, please send me a link to your site/blog and tell me what you have in mind for a posting. I prefer if you have the post already written before you e-mail me so things can go a little bit more smoother. Be mindful of what Audio Diva is all about, as I like to keep guest posts/collaborations music related and within the frame of the blog's look/feel. Also be mindful that I can't get to every guest post submission that comes my way so just be patient and aware. But if you have a great idea for a guest post, please feel free to e-mail me about it as I'm always looking to be amigos with fellow music nerds and writers! More info about guest posting is featured here.

I like writing about music too! Can you give me advice on how to get started music blogging?
One of these days I will get around to planning some sort of series on music blogging and blogging in general, but I feel even I'm too green to tell anybody what to do as I'm always learning and improving myself as a writer. Still I have two Pinterest boards --- one about blogging and the other about fiction/non-fiction writing ---- that could help aid you on your quest to blogging badassery. But the best advice I can give you right now is to sit down and WRITE. Just WRITE and keep going, as your readers will find you, but you have to WRITE and you have to keep WRITING!

Gosh, you talk a lot, anything else I should know?
Well, thank you, I like talking, but I do listen too, so don't be afraid of giving feedback or engaging on the blog, I want people to communicate on here! In addition, I'm an abuser of commas, parenthesis...and ellipsis. Note this and forgive me as I'm learning. Also I have a bad habit of cursing, note this, and forgive me as it's genetics. Other than come along and join me on my adventures through music :-) 

-Jennifer (Audio Diva)